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KRH Woodturning

KRH Woodturning
  • Category: Wood Worker

Ken Hawtin was born and raised in Cadogan, a small farming town in East-Central Alberta.

He met the love of his life in high school and the couple married in 1967. They have lived on a acreage East of Sherwood Park, Alberta for the last 35 years. His wife Allyce has been a support and encouragement throughout his discovery as an artist, as his work has evolved. He creates both functional and ornamental pieces.

A carpenter by trade, having spent 45 years crafting wood, he is a self-taught turning sculptor. Ken specializes in finely turned wood vessels.

Many of the pieces Ken creates are turned until they are paper thin then pierced using a small dentist drill which allows him to work on intricately detailed designs. He burns, airbrushes or paints to give his pieces an original finish. Ken likes how working with wood is a very organic process; that the grain of wood or even defects gives direction to the way a piece develops.

Ken’s work is varied and each piece is always one-of-a-kind, from art pieces to wall hangings, Urns, lamps with shades you can see through and much, much more. His work is in private collections and galleries. Ken is always happy to hear from people to discuss his work and enjoys making custom pieces to suit any occasions.