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YEG Honeycomb

YEG Honeycomb
  • Category: Visual Artist

YEG Honeycomb has bees at 8 historic locations in Edmonton serving the populations onsite at no cost and the community at large. Their locations include City Hall and Chancery Hall in Sir Winston Churchill Square, Grierson Centre (Correctional facility serving residents onsite), Alberta Hospital Edmonton (Facility for Mental Health and Addiction serving residents onsite), Old Man Creek Nursery, Alberta Aviation Museum, Magrath Mansion (with Concordia University) and Fort Edmonton. 

They commissioned local artist Nancy Nickolson to paint these locations starting with the Alberta Aviation Museum and City Hall as their first 2 locations in the series. These prints and postcards are to raise awareness of the work they are doing and the scope of their work. The project has been entirely self-funded and works with vulnerable and marginalized populations in the city and serves to help develop guidelines for urban beekeeping in Edmonton. They are currently working with bylaw and the director of animal control to define legislation around rooftop and non-residential beekeeping to be passed at City Hall. 


Instagram: @yeghoneycomb