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Natasia Makes

Natasia Makes
  • Category: Visual Artist

Natasia Makes is a female-owned product line of paper goods and gifts that fills peoples lives with pep, positivity and puns!

Natasia Makes is created by designer and illustrator, Natasia Martin[nuh-tah-see-yuh], from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her designs feature bold, vibrant colours, added to playful but modern lettering and illustrations. Her work is inspired by her life and childhood, the people and world around her, and the great outdoors. When people see Natasia Makes products, the goal is to make them to feel warm fuzzies inside and just feel a little lighter.

Natasia Makes came to be when Natasia needed a creative outlet outside of her office and away from her desk. She also runs a small design studio called Natasia Designs that focuses on illustration, branding and publication design for organizations with a positive impact. Natasia Makes allows her to play and experiment with illustration and lettering, get wild and make things for fun, not based on a client brief :)

Instagram: @natasiamakes