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Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton
  • Category: Visual Artist

Jill Stanton has extensive experience painting large scale murals, for both private and public clients, interior and exterior, across North America. Over the past seven years, she has produced over 60 murals of varying complexity and size. Jill has painted walls for several mural festivals, including the Vancouver Mural Festival, Winnipeg’s Wall to Wall, Tulsa’s Habit Festival, Dallas’ Wild West Mural Fest, Victoria’s Concrete Canvas Project, and BUMP 2018 in Calgary.

Jill strives to ensure that her mural work reflects the community, environment, neighbourhood, and the city in meaningful ways; her process is often research based and is very site specific. Her work combines abstract elements with the representative, using still life objects paired with some exaggerated elements of human scale (hands, feet) in order to weave open-ended narratives.

Instagram: @jillvstanton