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Jason Blower

Jason Blower
  • Category: Visual Artist

Jason Blower is an Illustrator/Art Director who grew up mainly in the golden prairies of Alberta, Canada, with a 4 year stint living overseas in Cyprus. He obtained a degree in Design with an Illustration major from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008. Since graduating his professional focus has been on freelance projects, while allowing time for work on personal creative projects as time permits.

Jason’s first steps towards painting and illustration came from a need to find a direction for his creative yearnings, a need to just create things based upon his imagination, no matter how wild the ideas were or where they led. Once an idea finds him he has to keep it alive through art, regardless of the practicality. Growing up he was able to foster this need alongside with his cousin, who was another strong creative influence in his life. They were always doing something creative together, bouncing ideas off each other and keeping their dreams alive so that eventually his cousin ended up in movies/television and Jason in illustration.

When describing Jason’s style of illustration one would likely arrive at whimsical. He sees things through a modern perspective, with a mid-century sensibility, and is enamored with the design and illustration ideas of this time period, which generally involve a clean, shape?based movement. Jason approaches his work from a “sunshine and lollipops” point of view, where everything is fun and happy.