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Gina Adams

Gina Adams
  • Category: Visual Artist

Gina Adams completed the Visual Arts Diploma Program in 2005, and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2007.  She found her passion in the painting studio, and moved right into the heart of the Edmonton's Arts District. She took residency at Arts Habitat Edmonton, and worked for many years as an active contemporary visual artist.

As the only true constant in life is change, Gina’s paintings have transformed dramatically since her days in the city. Now living in the rural community of Duffield, the once intense palette and raw emotional handling has found a calmer form of expression. Gina has always been truly inspired by nature. She now works fervently to share, in a more representational manner, those moments in life that spark her true belief in the beauty of childhood magic and wonder. Colour is another simple yet powerful inspirational force that is prevalent in her painting.  She is, and will forever be, interested in finding the light within the darkest of shadows.


Instagram: @gina.adams.art