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Delilah Mah

Delilah Mah
  • Category: Visual Artist


My name is Delilah Mah. I am original from Keeseekoose First Nation, Treaty 4 Territory. I am Saulteaux, Cree and French descent. I reside in the traditional territory of Treaty 6 - Edmonton. MahArt was launched July 2016 and eventually incorporated photography. It takes a lot of investment of time, resources and committed to build a brand, a style, and still there is so much more to learn. With an artistic vision to make a difference and a creative spirit, I want to be able show the world the beauty of Indigenous peoples of Canada - our unique identities, our women, our men, our children, our cultures, our languages, our land, our ancestors and a way to present a memento of our history by expressing it through art and photography. 

As I reflect my history, my ancestors, my life and I look at my long-term I believe it is now my turn to be a giver - a giver of life - to breathe life into others by sharing my art, my photography, my gifts - my experiences, my resiliency with others who may need it at that very moment - to lead, to share, to help, to support, to give, to teach, to empower, to give hope and leave others inspired through my story, various art and photography pieces. As each piece is displayed I am confident the art will bring hope, that each piece will empower and inspires others.

Each art piece has a unique Indigenous contemporary touch - customized and personalized for the individual. They are stylish, colorful, elegant and have a modern technique. They are truly one of a kind pieces a member of Treaty 8 stated, “Simply amazing way to acknowledge the healing that takes place from within. I call you my storm when I refer to you and your artwork.” I wanted to create not only a piece of art, but to be able to connect with my customers by creating a piece of art that speaks to their identities and gives them a sense of pride. 

When looking to the future I always keep in mind the past. Always so grateful to acknowledge the women who gave me life - the teachers, the healers, the achievers.  My late great grandmother, my Kookum who gave me strength and hope (1913-2016); my grandmother Coco gifted me with perseverance; my mother who taught me kindness and compassion, to my aunt who showed me true commitment and gave me a voice, to my other aunt who lead by example and showed me the importance of living a life without dependency, and my other aunt who is my inspiration and always highly emphasized education is key.  

I have the power to give back and a passion for encouraging individuals. I look forward to sharing and collaborating with other artists. I look forward to working on key projects to showcase Indigenous women and how they are sharing their gifts by featuring them let’s say on a magazine cover. I want to create customized backdrops, posters, cards or t-shirts and share this experience with the next generation. Through MahArt I look forward to working on more unique art pieces and eventually hope to have an art show.