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Chinatown Greetings

Chinatown Greetings
  • Category: Visual Artist

Chinatown Greetings is an artist-initiated community project and fundraiser centering Chinatown, organized by Emily Chu and Shawn Tse. They use the power of Art and engage with local artists to get involved in projects that radiate appreciation and bring awareness to YEG Chinatown. Emily engages with her art network to work on creative, while Shawn helps as a cultural liaison to engage and bridge ideas with the Chinatown community - ultimately navigating ways to build a healthy relationship between Artists and the Chinatown community for sustainable long-term work.

The aims of the project are to celebrate Chinatown and its heritage, collaborate with local artists to encourage more artist/community partnerships, creating a network and directory of creative resources for community members, organizations and businesses, and to fundraise so that arts-community initiatives in Chinatown happen for years to come. Ultimately, they want to bring foot traffic into Chinatown through their events and share other happenings in the community.

Instagram: @chinatowngreetings