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Art by Aeris

Art by Aeris
  • Category: Visual Artist

As a self-taught visual artist, a visible minority immigrant in Canada. I was born and raised in both Eastern and Western cultures. Cultural background influences my perspective of life as well as my Art.

My visual art is a journey of self-exploration. They are representing the integration between my inner peacefulness and passion. My paintings and drawings were taken from the essence of the landscapes, and surrounding objects. I redefined them and gave them a new identity while keeping the soul of the land and surrounding object. All my visual arts have their own character with no duplication, a medium can be acrylic, watercolor or ink pen. You can find some of my paintings presented in vivid, striking color palette emphasizing the passion of life. Also, you can find some of my paintings presented in the subtle, soft color palette emphasizing the ethereal and delicate atmosphere.

My artworks have been exhibiting in Galleries, Hospital, Art Completion, Art Walks in Edmonton and surrounding area. They can be found in collections around the world.