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Mezzaluna Studio

Mezzaluna Studio
  • Category: Textiles

Mezzaluna Studio is the brainchild of Vikki Wiercinski, a professional graphic designer and artist based in the northern outpost of Edmonton, Canada.

Previously known as Veekee Workshop, Vikki started her practice in 2006 as a one-woman stationery and housewares line as a sideline to her work as a graphic artist. In 2015, she re-envisioned this creative endeavour as Mezzaluna Studio, with a renewed focus on textile and paper goods with a mid century modern twist.

In contrast to the digital world of graphic design, the products of Mezzaluna Studio are lo-fi, most often created with brushes and pens. Working with manufacturers, printers, and often her own hands, Vikki then translates her work into unique and beautiful, useful objects for daily living.

The products of Mezzaluna Studio are a celebration of creativity and colour, complex creations made of intricate patterns, swirling shapes, hand-drawn typography and surprisingly perfect colour combinations.

Vikki’s work with Mezzaluna Studio has earned broad recognition for its distinctive look and technical skill, each piece creating a spot of brightness and beauty wherever it goes.

Instagram: @mezzalunastudio