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Amit & Kol

Amit & Kol
  • Category: Textiles
Hi! I’m Amanda Grigor, sole maker of Amit & Kol one of a kind stuffed monsters.
Inspired by my own sock monster Bolston that I took home from a local market over a decade ago, these monsters are an expression of my own personality and style. I believe in using high quality materials and patient craftsmanship. No two monsters are ever the same. A combination of colours, prints, patterns and materials give each one their own unique flair. Whether looking for a forever friend or jazzing up any space, these silent and mysterious creatures are bound to add some joy to your life.
After many years in the Telecom Construction Industry and needing big changes in my life, I went back to my creative roots. Using many of the attributes I acquired during my time in the trade, making monsters became my creative therapy and piece of my soul I had been missing. I started creating them in 2018 and have been pouring my heart into it ever since. It is the best feeling when a monster comes to life. My hope is that people will find something special in them and enjoy them as much as I do.
Born and raised in Edmonton, I am so proud to be a part of this community.