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Susan Lee

Susan Lee
  • Category: Pottery

Susan Lee is a local artisan and has been potting since 2005, and a long-time member with the Edmonton Potters Guild. 

Originally, she started pottery on Monday nights, it was just something fun to do with a friend. Then it grew to 2 friends on Tuesday night, and has since held her interest for over 15 years.  Her other artistic endeavours include watercolour and acrylic painting and jewellery making.  Influenced by both her Chinese heritage and Canadian upbringing, her pottery takes on classic forms with modern glazing.  She is known for her secret mouse mugs and abstract splashes.  Her husband and 2 daughters are very supportive and thoroughly enjoy many home cooked meals displayed upon her pieces.

Susan works in Human Resources and has had a varied career over the years. She finds HR rewarding; interacting with various people, and the challenge in finding the best candidates for a job.