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Oil and Birch

Oil and Birch
  • Category: Pottery

Brin Steeves of Oil and Birch is a local potter, artist and Visual Art Coordinator at iHuman Youth Society. She spent a decade painting, and recently dove into the brilliant world of ceramics. Her pottery reflects her personality, tender and tough. Bold, mystical glazes complement elemental, spooky & encouraging imagery.

"My art practice seeks to explore the intersections of creativity, healing and therapy. My background in social justice fuels alot of conversation around art accessibility and mental health. I create to be in control, to connect with my community and to share my process. With art we can escape and experience life simultaneouslyl"

Brin's collection of ceramics include big mugs, cups, bowls of all sizes, vases and small plates. Flora, fauna & tarot inspired designs frequent her creations!