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Joel Koop

Joel Koop
  • Category: Photography

I grew up on an acreage in northern Saskatchewan where much of my time was spent exploring in the woods with my old woodgrain 110 camera. I would try to sneak up on a ruffed grouse while it sat on a log drumming its wings or catch the chipmunks darting through firewood piles.

I still feel most at home when I'm alone in the middle of nowhere. When I'm hiking with my camera I enter another world, away from the everyday and into a world of shapes, lines, and textures all interacting in a living symphony. I capture brief glimpses of both beauty and darkness and try to arrange them into a frame.

I hike to discover new places and to experience being alone in nature. Much of my photography is from around Edmonton and central Alberta, but I go further afield as well. I love to travel to places where civilization thins and natural processes and timescales take over.

My photos are about being at peace with self and surroundings. They are about the flow of nature that many of us rarely encounter. They organize a view of nature into a frame and hint at the hugeness of what is out there. My photographs are a combination of what I see and who I am.