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Evelyn Berg

Evelyn Berg
  • Category: Photography

Originally from Germany, I have been living in Edmonton since 1981. After raising my family I picked up my old passion for photography more seriously. My fascination with finding beauty in everyday things led me to look closer at abandoned old cars of rural Alberta, resulting in a series of abstract images, which I called carscapes.

One of my carscapes images was interpreted musically at the Works in 2006 and at the documenta festival of contemporary art in Kassel, Germany in 2007. The Edmonton Composers Society has used several of my abstract images on their CD covers.

My main focus in photography seems to be the abstract, obscure aspect of an object. I like getting close, exploring unusual perspectives, being particularly interested in light and shadow play and reflections. I also love all aspects of nature photography, venturing out from my garden to the River Valley and beyond .... finding amazing images wherever I go.

Currently I am experimenting with long exposure and intentional camera movement, resulting in a painterly, dreamlike quality of the image. The series is called Arboreal Impressions.

Besides photography I love reading, gardening, jewellery design and singing with the Richard Eaton Singers and A Joyful Noise Choir.