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Skrocki Design

Skrocki Design
  • Category: Jewelry

Skrocki Design (formerly Paragon of Design by Skrocki) consists of Amy and Tanner Skrocki, who have been creating works of art in a variety of mediums (Metal, Leather, Fabrics, Paper, & Wood) since 2008. 

Skrocki Design is an independent handcrafted lifestyle brand whose mission is to create fashionable fantasy inspired items with a historical and edgy twist. With a unique blend of influences from fairy tales, to mythology, and travels to historic sites and the beauty of Canada, mixed with a modern edginess, we hope our items will inspire creativity in anyone using them in their day-to-day activities and hobbies. We specifically make items based off our pursuits of our own passions including: fashion, music, writing, drawing, photography, home decor and cooking etc. We predominately work with artisan leathers, metal and gemstones.

"Skrocki Design- a design house featuring wearable art inspired by artifacts, fantasy and passion…[gives] us a glimpse into the fine art of hard work and the hard work of fine art.” – T8N Magazine.

Skrocki Design has done over 200 craft and art shows since 2008. In 2014, after the birth of her and her husband’s daughter, Seraphim, Amy took a break from many of the major craft shows to finally create the work she had been making the patterns for and drawing over the last 14 years and create an online presence and webstore. Tanner, continued to apprentice under Amy and has now taken over the creation or partial creation of all the repeatable items which allowed Amy to create Skrocki Design's many signature and one-of-a-kind pieces and do 3 Western Canada Fashion week showcases where she designed, created and then photographed all her wearable art and every day pieces. She became interested in photography in her late teenage years and it wasn’t until the last 4 years she realized all the costume items she created could be used to portray the stories behind them with a unique blend of fashion and fantasy photography. Prominent photographers have described Amy’s photographs as  stylistically as “textured, rich and decadent.” Recently she won an international award in photography and two international awards for pieces in her wearable art collections she presented in Western Canada Fashion Week. She then went to display the pieces in group gallery shows and last year she had her first solo show, at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery, complete with her pieces, the stories and processes behind each piece and her photographs which brought to life her creations. Her photographs containing her work have been featured in dozens of small to mid-sized fashion and art magazines worldwide. Some of the full wearable outfits she creates can take up to 400 hours to make. For each piece Amy creates the patterns, cuts the components, hand carves, shapes, dyes, paints, hand finishes and assembles in her small studio.