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Karmen Victoria

Karmen Victoria
  • Category: Jewelry

Hello there friends, my name is Karmen Victoria but I've gone by Tory since the day I was born. I make jewelry and ceramic work in Edmonton, Canada, and I am surrounded by a sea of like-minded creatives!

I love to travel, I love art, music and architecture, I love midcentury modern everything, I love my cats, I love the natural sciences and my background is in Conservation Biology. 

My work plays on the common everyday and the striking statement, moving fluidly along the spectrum. In jewelry design, I prefer using brass for it's hearty industrial feel and soft colour, incorporating my favourite stones and ceramic pieces to give it a balanced contrast. You can consider it both pretty and moody just like most people. 

If you're in Edmonton, make sure you pop by my shop Hideout Distro and say hello. I hope you find yourself connected to my work in some way, and thank you for visiting!