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eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry Inc.

eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry Inc.
  • Category: Jewelry

eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry Inc. is inspired by urban diversity and culture. They take the best elements of artisan-studio-handmade and scale it up to distribute well designed, desirable jewelry across Canada, from their home-base in Edmonton.

Kristen Mackie is a proud graduate of the University of Alberta holding both a Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Education degree, and taught ESL at Macewan University before starting eLiasz and eLLa in 2013. The brand is a namesake for her two children, Eliasz and Ella. 

“eLiasz and eLLa jewelry, like a city’s diversity and culture, defines the spirit of the person wearing it.”

Instagram: @eliaszandellajewelry