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Carrie's Crafts and Toys

Carrie's Crafts and Toys
  • Category: Jewelry

Carrie has always loved making arts and crafts.  After lots of feedback from family and friends about how much she had progressed with her craft making skills, and a staunch entrepreneurial spirit, she decided it would be a great idea to start selling her crafts and toys at a local market.

She has since taken a keen interest in business and has recently graduated with a business diploma from Stratford Career Institute.  

Currently, she has a booth with the Capilano Farmers Market every second Saturday where she sells her handmade art, scarfs, beaded jewelry and key chains, other seasonal items (Christmas ornaments, blankets) as well as pottery.

 She is very proud of the work and creativity she puts into her business because, as she does live with a disability, she feel like she's helping to blur the boundaries that people with disabilities often face when contributing their gifts, talents, and ambitions in their community.