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Firefly Glassworks Studio

Firefly Glassworks Studio
  • Category: Glasswork

Laura Melnyk of Firefly Glassworks Studio is a self-taught glass artist. Laura, a holistic practitioner for over twenty years in Edmonton, Alberta, became fascinated by nature’s art work when she started to pick sea glass on her travels to different ocean beaches. She made different pieces from the sea glass
and her fascination on the topic of glass just grew. She started making small pieces of jewelry in a microwave kiln in 2014 and now owns two large kilns that are always busy.

She even got her husband Larry George, a retired teacher, involved in working with glass. He has his own unique style.

Her passion for working with glass is reflected in her love of color. She is an avid gardener and enjoys making pieces that reflect nature. Laura enjoys making one-of-a-kind functional glass art…sun catchers, jewelry, plates, mosaic garden balls, glass buttons and much, much more. Her favorite technique is casting… butterflies, dragonflies, “flower” dishes and anything that involves “the tree of life”. She continues to learn and experiment with new techniques. We all need a passion and working with glass feeds her soul.