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Stephanie Florence

Stephanie Florence
  • Category: Author

Stephanie Florence is an emerging Canadian artist and curator originally from Amiskwaciwâskahikan, colonially known as Edmonton, Alberta. Their artwork is primarily based in collage and collaboration, borrowing from sculptural objects, installations, performative gestures, explorative painting, and photographic means. Currently, Florence is conducting exploratory research on the coevolution of interspecies interactions, and how living bodies become a commodity for capitalist culture.

After completing a two-month residency at the Yorath House Studio, Florence showed a large sculpture at the Lowlands Project Space. Recently, they curated the SkirtsAfire Festival for a second consecutive year, and are continually working on a documentary focusing on relationships between humans and non-humans.

As a non-binary artist, Florence acknowledges the use of pronouns such as they, their, them, she, her, he, him, and his.

Together with Autumn Sjølie, they have created "COVID COLLECTIONS", a collaborative project funded by the Edmonton Arts Council which interweaves collections of experiences, interviews, art, and poetry into a book from an inclusive array of Edmontonians during the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid Collections is dedicated to the lives of those we’ve lost during this time of upheaval.

Covid Collections: The Short Film has been selected to screen at the 35th Edmonton International Film Festival, taking place October 1-10.


Instagram: @covid.collections.yeg