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Robert Proudfoot

Robert Proudfoot
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Robert Proudfoot was born and raised in Edmonton, but his life was enriched by cross-cultural experiences in Africa when, during the early 1970s, he completed high-school and studied at the University of Zambia; and later worked as an agro-forester in Nigeria from 1988 to 1991. As an environmental scientist, Robert writes technical documents, but he also follows his passion for creative writing.

Robert recently published his first novel, called Come By Here, My Lord - Seen in a Mirror Dimly with FriesenPress Inc. in November 2020. Set in Lusaka, Zambia in 1974, this novel follows the coming of age of Orwell Hughes, an expatriate son of a Canadian diplomat; and celebrates friendships that Orwell and other young people make across racial, cultural, and religious barriers during a turbulent era in southern Africa when Zambia asserted herself as a dynamic, African-ruled nation, while apartheid and colonialism slowly faded away. 

Robert, also through FriesenPress Inc., previously published in February 2019 a collection of poetry, short stories, essays, and photographic depictions of art work created by three generations of his family, called Enduring Art, Active Faith. He followed this with A Playful Policeman Meets the Citizen-Making Teachera biography of his grandparents' lives and times in Edmonton (1906 to 1919), published through PageMaster Publication Services Inc, in July 2020. He previously researched and wrote the historical backgrounder for a DVD commemorating First Mennonite Church's 50th Anniversary in 2009. Robert published 35 essays in various church, community, or professional magazines since 1980.