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Marty Chan

Marty Chan
  • Category: Author

Marty Chan loves to write. Before he became a kids’ author, he worked in theatre, radio, and television. Now his passion is inspiring the next generation of lifelong readers and writers. Using a combination of storytelling, improv, humour, and stage magic, he shares his love of words with audiences young and old.

Inspired to pursue creative writing by his high school English teacher, Marty has been a professional writer for over 25 years. He writes books, stage plays, radio dramas, television scripts and humour articles, and his career has taken him around the world from New York to Los Angeles, Galway to Beijing.

His Mystery Series tells the tales of a boy detective growing up in the Canadian Prairies. As the only Chinese kid in the small town of Bouvier, Marty has trouble fitting in, but what he lacks in friends, he makes up for with his imagination. Together with his best friend Remi and their on-again, off-again pal, Trina, Marty solves mysteries both great and small.

Marty's Ehrich Weisz Chronicles, set in 1890's New York, is a collection of steampunk fantasy which pits Ehrich Weisz and his mentor, Nikola Tesla, against creatures from other dimensions. They join forces with a group of rebels to help stop a full-scale invasion, but the ragtag group might not be a match for a warlord and his exoskeletons.

Marty lives and works in Edmonton with his wife, Michelle. When he’s not writing, Marty dabbles in his other passions: learning stage magic and playing video games.