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Laberinto Press

Laberinto Press
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Laberinto Press publishes Canadian underrepresented, ESL writing, and World literature in translation. Laberinto Press was founded by Luciana Erregue-Sacchi, an art historian, writer, translator and editor. She is a Banff Centre Alumni, and maintains her blog SpectatorCurator. Luciana is based in Edmonton, AB, where she loves to go for long walks through the city's beautiful River Valley.

Laberinto Press' first anthology, Beyond the Food Court: an Anthology of Literary Cuisines, showcases 14 recognized authors from all over the world who call Canada home. The idea of Beyond the Food Court was born not only as a look beyond the standard kitschy food offerings of the North American food court, but also with the aim to deepen the idea of diversity, both culinary and literary. Food is a universal language, and the authors behind this anthology have studied their own hungers, to paraphrase American food writer M.F.K. Fisher.

Beyond the Gallery is the second instalment in the Beyond series. This multilingual and multi-genre anthology showcases emerging and established talents within the Hispanic Canadian community, featuring a broad range of writings on visual culture by Spanish-speaking writers, artists, and cultural workers.