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Ink Movement

Ink Movement
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Ink Movement is a Canadian youth-led nonprofit organization that encourages youth to express what's on their minds.

When it comes to the arts, youth are not exceptionally well-represented. For aspiring business students, there are many clubs and programs designed to develop relevant skills. There are pitch competitions and startup incubators. For science-oriented students, there are science clubs, contests, and fairs. But how many opportunities are available to students interested in creative writing, visual art, and photography?

The answer is: not many. This is precisely the problem that Ink Movement Canada seeks to remedy. Ink Movement seeks to bridge the gap between youth and accessible, fun, engaging arts programming, and works to shine the spotlight on deserving youth artists. Because talent deserves to be recognized, and Ink Movement Canada is a platform for that to happen. 

The first installment in the Edmonton Youth Anthology Series by Ink Movement Edmonton feautures over 60 talented youth artists in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Unfold their powerful voices as they express themselves through meaningful poetry, unique photography, riveting prose, and fascinating artworks.

Instagram: @inkmovementyeg