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Making Creative Goals for 2022

Posted on: January 14 2022

As the new year arrives, many of us jump back into the same old routines whilst trying to set new, personal goals for the year ahead. For us at TIX, we are thinking about our creative goals, and how they can be achieved both in shop, and in our personal lives. Whether it's hosting new, exciting events, experimenting with our merchandising, or taking a pottery class to better understand the ceramics process, there are a wide variety of skills we can learn to be an asset to the Edmonton arts community.

When thinking about how you could incorporate more creativity into your life, try to think outside the box! Imagine, exploring a new medium by taking an online course, learning how to mend clothing, or add embroidered detail, or even simply supporting a local gallery by signing up for a membership. Making some time for moments of creativity can add small pockets of joy to your everyday life.

For more inspiration, we reached out to some of our TIX vendors to ask them what creative goals they have for 2022. We asked them:

  1. As the start of the new year is upon us, are there any goals you would like to achieve this year, big or small, in your creative practice?

  2. Thinking further into the future this year, is there something you are looking forward to creating or expanding on in 2022 when it comes to your business?


Riyaz Sharan | RSS Designs | Visual Artist

1. My goals for this year are to:

  1. Be involved with more corporations and festivals.
  2. Find ways to have my illustrations incorporated in publications and public areas.
  3. Get into more markets and stores.

2. Looking further into this year, I would like to expand my illustrations outside of Edmonton and start illustrating landmarks or areas around Canada, and possibly around the world. I have already started working on some illustrations that I think people may like. One illustration is of the Chinatown alley in Victoria, BC and the other the Yukon. As a world traveler, I have a lot of great photos that have inspired me to be creative as well as hearing and following other great artists and photographers that inspired me to get creative.

For more behind-the-scenes content of Riyaz’s illustration process, follow him at @ryzshrn.


Benjamin Oswald | Pottery

1. This year centres around goals of material exploration and developing a body of new work (both vessels and sculpture). This past October, I started a mentorship initiative with Richard Selfridge of the Selfridge Pottery. We have been discussing material and glaze formulation and have been spending time in the studio working together. It has been incredibly rich to learn and gain new insights from a master potter right here in the City of Edmonton. In addition to our conversations, I have purchased a new small test kiln and have been carrying out dozens of glaze tests to better understand colour and plasticity in ceramic material. My background in physics and chemistry has been a huge help as I experiment with a variety of chemicals and kiln atmospheres. I just received notice that I have been awarded a grant from the EAC that will be so helpful in reaching these goals! I am really excited to be pushing what I do with material and scale in my ceramic artwork this coming year.

2. Most of my business is in retail sales of my hand thrown and slip cast porcelain vases. Strangely, this year my goal is to pull back a bit with my retail work so I can concentrate on creative material exploration. When I am constantly filling retail orders it's difficult to take the time to explore new ideas. One of the things I love most about ceramics is the haptic responsiveness of the materials as I think out new ideas. This year I will be spending much of my time in creative exploration rather than in production. That said, to those who worry they might not see my porcelain vases again, I will have some orders available during the summer months.

We know we’re excited to see what kinds of vessels and sculptures Ben creates this year in the midst of his material exploration. Follow along on his journey at @benjaminoswald_.


Rick Bremness | Rabbit Hill Studios | Visual Artist

1. I am a big believer in goal setting. 2021 was a very big year for me, as it was the first time I put art out in the public. I placed my work at two art walks and had a couple of solo exhibitions. It was really great to see how the general public reacted to my art and I want to build on those experiences in 2022. For next steps in my practice, I plan on creating some really big, bold pieces, as well as painting a series of equestrian paintings.

I have to push myself to not be so conservative and really step out of my comfort zone.

2. I started to keep an art scrapbook/diary to help me keep track of my creative journey and I plan on adding to that this year.

Because I am all set up with display stands and a good tent now, I plan on attending a few more events and art shows this year. I am always looking for opportunities to put my work out there, so if you hear of any please let me know.

We look forward to seeing all of the new paintings Rick will have on the go this coming year. To see how his creative practice unfolds, follow him at @bremness.


Kristine MacDonald | Smithstine Copper | Jewelry

1. For 2022 I have decided to focus on professional development and education in my craft. When I began metalsmithing as a hobby I took beginners silversmithing classes through the City Arts Centre. It was a fantastic introduction to working with metal and the instructor, Meghan Wagg, was so patient and knowledgeable. At that point I had no idea that I would end up being a full-time artist. Now it has been almost ten years and it is time to devote more of my time and energy to learning new skills.

2. Over the years I have heavily relied on experimentation, Youtube videos, books and forums for my copper and jewellery making knowledge. These are fantastic free resources, but now I am taking on Lucy Walker’s Metalsmithing Academy online and really enjoying the in depth courses. It’s never too late to learn something new or to brush up on best practises for basic skills. I have already begun practising some of the new skills and can’t wait to incorporate them into my wearable copper artwork. Looking forward to sharing these new pieces throughout the year and perhaps one day at TIX on the Square!

All of Kristine’s copper jewelry pieces are so unique and you can see the time and skill that goes into each piece. We are looking forward to seeing what her new skills will enable her to create over on @smithstinecopper.


Maaike Kuypers | Maaike Lynn Kuypers | Visual Artist

1. My biggest wish for the year ahead is to surprise myself.

I’m hopeful that the work I do in 2022 will be the result of a lot of hard work and a lot of play. My best work churns itself out when I’m free from my own judgments and expectations of a project, and I think that freedom is best accessed through a childlike courage to play. I’d love to paint a mural and create a stop motion animation, (even if the wall is only two square-feet, and the clip is only 20 seconds long.) I don’t know how to do either of these things, so I figure they’re a good step towards (re)-learning to play.

As far as “small” goals go, I have a few focuses. I’d like to create my own working design manifesto of sorts. I think manifestos are integral to any creative person’s process: they’re what justifies the act of making, and what helps to guide a designer’s decisions. With that, I plan to study what makes other designers’ tick. This looks like excavating wisdom from the older, wiser design community that surrounds me, and all the Greats that the internet provides access to, (Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Annie Atkins, to name a few…). I want to listen to their “why” and “how”, and borrow what I can.

2. I’ve got a project in the works with a few close friends (Biboye Onanuga, Sean Croal and Gareth Gilliland). We’re hosting a series of jazz & creative improvised music at Kaffa Roaster & Studio, called New Standards ( It’ll happen every other Thursday night, beginning whenever Covid cases settle. The four of us have each been dreaming up our own plans of creating some sort of “happening” in the city that marries art, improvised music, and community, and together we’ve landed on this. We each bring our own set of skills to the team: I’ve created the visual identity, and the rest of the team is handling everything related to the music-making itself. Design projects that are entire “entities”, and are systematic –– ones that sort of “breathe” themselves to life –– these are my favorite. I’m really looking forward to continuing this collaboration, and I can’t wait to see what kind of magic will unfold visually and sonically.

In my own time, I also hope to work on some non-print-based projects in the new year. I’ve mainly focused on paper goods in my personal work, so I’m itching to branch out. I’d love to set up shop at the Royal Bison 2022, so I’m hopeful that my personal experimentation will lead me in that direction.

We know we’ll be looking forward to going to a event once it’s safe to do so! For a look into what other projects Maaike has on the go this year, make sure to follow her at @maaikelynn.

Image credit: Design by Maaike Kuypers. Photo by Spencer Gatt.


Gaby Wong | Pots by Gabs | Pottery

1. For 2022, my goal is to mix and create my own colour palette of glazes. Our studio has some great options but by learning to mix my own, I'll have more personalized colours to play with!

2. Later in the year, I hope to set up an online shop and release mini-collections of work.

One of those mini collections that Gaby is working on is in celebration of Lunar New Year and the Year of the Tiger! For more upcoming news on her latest collections, follow Gaby over on Instagram at @potsbygabs.


Aly Ploof | By Aly Ploof | Embroidery

1. A goal of mine this year is to be able to help others try and enjoy embroidery as much as I do. I’ve also found that as my little community has grown, I sometimes find the idea of expanding my business quite stressful, so I want to make it a goal to balance my love of creating with taking small steps to build my business at the same time! I would love to fine tune my branding and show more of myself in my business too!

2. This year I’m looking forward to creating patterns with new colour palettes and also potentially introducing some mixed media elements! I would love to introduce creating pdf patterns and potentially a stitch along series to co-inside with the hoops I dream up and create. I may also try my hand at creating some kits in small batches to test on friends and in my local community.

Aly has quite a few goals and aspirations for this coming year and we’re looking forward to seeing all of them come into reality! Follow along over at @byalyploof to see what other embroidery work Aly dreams up this year.


We’d love to hear if this post inspired you to make your own creative goals for the year! If so, go over to our Instagram profile at @tixonthesquare and leave us a comment on our “Creative Goals for 2022” post of what creative goals you’ve made for this year.