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How To Use Series | Part Three: Wholly Mama

Posted on: September 22 2022

Have you used a diffuser in your room before or dropped a few essential oil drops in your bath? If so, you would have experienced the benefits of aromatherapy. Known as the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit, aromatherapy has been said to have many benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. Lynett McKell of Wholly Mama knows the soothing power of essential oils. As a mother of four, she handmakes a line of family safe, aromatic products that she uses within her own family.

As we start to spend more time indoors moving into fall and winter, we wanted to share some of the benefits of the essential oils used in Wholly Mama’s sprays so you can brighten your spaces with fragrance. Read more below from our third installment of the How To Use Series.



Mellow Mama

A spray to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and calm anxiety, Mellow Mama is a great pillow spray to prepare for a good night's sleep. Well known to many and the most popular and widely used essential oil, the scent of lavender is believed to promote relaxation and help treat anxiety. Adding a sweet smell to this spray, geranium will reduce feelings of stress, fatigue and tension; perfect for the end of your work day. The sedative abilities from clary sage will bring about a feeling of calm as you fall into a deep sleep. Bergamot’s soothing and citrusy scent pairs well with lavender and will leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed in the morning. The pleasant and spirited aroma of grapefruit can help to manage stressful and anxious feelings. Rosewood’s floral and slightly woody scent pairs well with bergamot, grapefruit, and lavender to calm anxiety and uplift emotions after a long day.




With a fragrance that can be described as woody, musky and earthy from essential oils like sandalwood and patchouli, why not bring the smell of nature indoors during these colder months. Receive will leave you feeling grounded and soothed, whether that’s in your bedroom, home office or vehicle. Sandalwood is known to quiet the mind and promote a sense of peace and clarity. A perfect compliment to your meditation practice, this spray can help to relax the body, enhance concentration, and ease tension with the addition of cedarwood. You may smell a hint of sweetness that comes from the most calming of all the citrus essential oils: mandarin. Whether you need to quiet your mind after a long work day, relax and ease tension while at your desk, or remain stress free on your commute to and from work, the smell of Receive will aid you in centering and balancing your mind and body.



Get Through The Day

Great to use on your wrists, back of neck or as a body mist the essential oils in this spray will help you get through the mid work day slump. The sweet, apple-like aroma of roman chamomile will help you relax and feel rejuvenated. Known as one of the most ancient medicinal herbs, it pairs well with the other oils in this spray, including lavender, geranium, and ylang ylang. Marjoram’s warm and woody smell promotes a calming and relaxing atmosphere and relieves nervous stress and anxiety. Comforting to body and mind, ylang ylang will soothe away any stress or tension held in your body. Referred to as the “oil of angels,” angelica root’s calming aroma will mindfully help you release your exhaustion after a work day.




Wholly Mama

Lynette McKell of Wholly Mama is an artist, a musician and a proud mother of 4. She offers a line of family safe aromatic products she makes and uses within her own family. Beautifully designed and packaged, each product makes a great gift or a coveted treasure which reminds us to take time for ourselves and of course... to stop and smell the roses.

Made from the heart, Wholly Mama offers homed, organic products to soothe the body, soul and senses.
Made from our home to yours, Wholly Mama.

Instagram: @wholly_mama_