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How To Use Series | Part One: Earth Warrior

Posted on: May 26 2022

In our first post of our How To Use series, we're featuring products by local, zero-waste changemaker Katrina Hillyer of Earth Warrior. Ever wanted to make the switch from single-use items like cotton pads, paper towels, and plastic produce bags? Katrina's products make it easy to do just that! We only carry a small selection of what Katrina has to offer, so make sure to check out her website for more alternative swaps.

Earth Warrior also accepts textile donations at locations in Edmonton to use in their products to divert textile waste from local landfills. For more tips on how to integrate their products into your lifestyle, read the tips below! 


Produce Bags

To avoid single use plastic bags at the grocery store, switch them out for Earth Warrior’s 100% cotton produce bags. These bags are perfect for the bulk section to pick up ingredients like nuts, grains, dried fruit and other dried goods. The drawstring closure allows all the goods to be kept safely inside the bag.

Using jars is convenient for liquid refills, but weight adds up fast. Using produce bags can help with lightening the load, and when you return home, just empty the dried goods into your container of choice.

Like their other offerings, Earth Warrior's produce bags are made from 100% repurposed light weight textiles and add little extra weight when purchasing bulk.


Make-Up Wipes

Regular single use cotton pads are thick, absorbent and waste a lot of the product that are used on them. Switching out for reusable cotton wipes, which are thinner and much less absorbent, means using and wasting less product. This saves money in the long run as products won’t be used as quickly.

Reusable cotton wipes are gentle on the face and are great for removing make-up and applying toners. One can be used for a few days by giving it a quick hand wash and then leaving it to air dry. When all the wipes have been used, throw them in your washing machine with your towels or other laundry and let them air dry, or put them in the dryer at a low temperature. Alternatively, giving them a thorough hand wash and leaving them to air dry will make them just as new! These wipes can also be used as wash cloths as they create a great lather when water and cleanser are added to its surface. Three days is the recommended time frame for using one wipe, but if using heavy amounts of make-up, you may find that you can use only one before giving it a thorough wash.

Earth Warrior repurposes cotton flannel to make her reusable cotton wipes, so you’re not just reducing your product waste but textile waste as well!

Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior strives everyday to be the change we want to see in the world. No matter what part of the sustainable journey you are on, they see you and support you! Every little step we take is a step towards a greener future.

We live in a world full of garbage made from single use items. Earth Warrior's beautiful products make living your values easy and enjoyable. Whenever you use Earth Warrior products, you can feel good knowing you’re saving plastic from entering landfills, and trees from being cut down.

Instagram: @earthwarrior_lifestyle